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What’s Dan Porter up to these days (Christmas 2016, 1 year after finally closing his Shroud of Turin blog)?

Hello again folks. Here’s an email that I sent yesterday under the title “Anniversaries”  to Dan Porter, host of the high profile but now sadly lapsed shroudstory site.  What’s he been up to I wondered? Hello again Dan I’ve been racking my … Continue reading

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Does thermally-induced scorching of linen ALWAYS produce fluorescence under uv, rendering it invalid as a model for the Turin Shroud? Answer: most definitely NO.

This is the second instalment of a 3-part series that looks at uv-fluorescence of model scorch imprints and/or burn marks in general. See the posting immediately preceding this one for a brief introduction, stating the long-overdue need to re-evaluate a … Continue reading

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Is the Shroud of Turin really just 18 years short of its 2000th birthday? SEE THIS BLOG FOR A DAILY ACERBIC OVERVIEW OF CURRENT WRANGLING (currently 2015, now Week 35)

Topic 8: This one is about the subtelty of the image formed on linen using my latest flour-imprinting technique, i.e. dry flour onto wet linen, followed by brief oven roasting to bring up the orange-brown image, followed by washing with … Continue reading

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Daniel R. Porter’s shroudstory.com: ‘Troll Central’ by any other name.

Appended below is  latest example of trolling on shroudstory.com from one “Andy”, who like so many others on that site simply can’t let go. He came back today after lying low for a month, to renew his attack on me … Continue reading

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“This strange hybrid method, through which a literary genre convinces itself it is a science”

Preamble: here’s how I ended the posting immediately prior to this one, bemoaning STURP’s failure to devise a proper plan of campaign, (taking into account the pre-existing information, notably the unusual negative image) and proceeding without any attempt to create … Continue reading

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Still more manure from the owner of shroudstory.com

I shan’t waste a second more than absolutely necessary in responding to the manure dumped on this blogger by the host of shroudstory.com. I’ve responded with the first comment, reproduced below, and if anyone is interested in knowing the facts … Continue reading

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No, the Shroud of Turin was NOT used to wrap Jesus. It was a 14th century thought experiment. It was not used to wrap anyone.

Here’s a comment I have just placed on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site that updates my views on the Shroud of Turin: October 16, 2013 at 9:16 am | #10 Reply | Quote I perceive the Shroud of Turin is being … Continue reading

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