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More thoughts on why LOTTO is the way to go.

What are the biggest ‘plus factors’ when comparing the  previous (LUWU) and the new (LOTTO) imprinting procedure? The old LUWU method (Linen Underneath, with Underlay) required very brief contact time, at most a few seconds,  with a template initially neither … Continue reading

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“This strange hybrid method, through which a literary genre convinces itself it is a science”

Preamble: here’s how I ended the posting immediately prior to this one, bemoaning STURP’s failure to devise a proper plan of campaign, (taking into account the pre-existing information, notably the unusual negative image) and proceeding without any attempt to create … Continue reading

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STURP got its priorities entirely wrong. Result – no real scientific insights.

Strange. I was going through the transcript of Barrie Schwortz’s TV interview yesterday (the subject of the previous posting) and was deciding how to tackle, indeed whether to tackle at all, his assertion that no group of scientists could have … Continue reading

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Mr. Barrie Schwortz, President of STERA Inc: please stop proselytizing narrative-driven so-called science.

Apologies to early birds: I shall be composing this posting in real time.  Yes I know I should be assembling in draft mode, and only hit the Send button when complete and polished. But I’m more a comments than posting … Continue reading

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Today is the day the gloves come off..

Posted just a few minutes ago to Dan Porter’s Click on the #11 (hotlink) to my comment, and the fatuous – and snide posting – that provoked it and my final departure from that site. colinsberry November 24, 2013 … Continue reading

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Oh dear. One of our comments is missing…

Don’t bother clicking on that #6 below. It appeared for a few minutes only before being removed. It was in reply to a lady schoolteacher who thought I had made the wrong call re Dan Porter’s attempt last night to … Continue reading

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Still more manure from the owner of

I shan’t waste a second more than absolutely necessary in responding to the manure dumped on this blogger by the host of I’ve responded with the first comment, reproduced below, and if anyone is interested in knowing the facts … Continue reading

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