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Can you spot the new entry on Dan Porter’s shroudstory site (despite the shutters coming down 3 years ago)?

  What you see  on the left is a screen grab of Dan Porter’s long-retired site, taken this morning. On the right is the same Home Page as it now looks. Notice any difference? Here’s a tiny clue:     … Continue reading

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Is the Shroud of Turin really just 18 years short of its 2000th birthday? SEE THIS BLOG FOR A DAILY ACERBIC OVERVIEW OF CURRENT WRANGLING (currently 2015, now Week 35)

Site banner: see how a simulated sweat imprint (my wet hand pressed down onto dark fabric) responds magnificently to 3D-rendering computer software (ImageJ) before and after tone-reversal (negative back to positive image). Remind you of anything? Like those supposedly “unique”  and … Continue reading

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Why is the Shroud image so superficial? More on the ongoing battle between science and pseudoscience.

Let’s start with a quick botany lesson (apologies to those who already know what I’m about to say). On the right is a  3D model I’ve made of the typical young plant cell, before it has acquired a secondary cell … Continue reading

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Why are Shroud image fibres mechanically weaker than non-image bearing fibres? Pyrolysis of core hemicelluloses?

At the same time as composing a (serious) critique of the Rogers’ so-called “vanillin” clock (a misnomer if ever there was, as I shall be explaining shortly), I’ve been fielding objections on shroudstory.com to the scorch hypothesis. Serendipitously, I came … Continue reading

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Response to a confontational question on shroudstory.com from “anonymous” re modelling of the Shroud image.

From:  “Anonymous” January 27, 2014 at 11:42 am | #19 “Question for Colin Berry: How in the world the same exact source of heat (with pretty much the same intensity) could only color the first fiber at the top surface … Continue reading

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Time maybe to re-think the received wisdom about the entire Shroud image being “highly superficial”?

Stop press: this posting of mine, probably the last for a while, possibly the VERY LAST, unless or until the Shroudosphere sees a major significant new development,  has been described on The Other Site as a  “better posting, perhaps his … Continue reading

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Time maybe for a radical re-jigging of the scorch model – and of the alleged superficiality of the Shroud image too?

I’ve been exchanging emails with Hugh Farey recently. He’s been sending some impressive photographs of linen fibres,  before and after scorching. There’s currently the  beginnings of an exchange of views on the importance or otherwise of the primary cell wall … Continue reading

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