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Does thermally-induced scorching of linen ALWAYS produce fluorescence under uv, rendering it invalid as a model for the Turin Shroud? Answer: most definitely NO.

Site banner: see how a simulated sweat imprint (my wet hand pressed down onto dark fabric) responds magnificently to 3D-rendering computer software (ImageJ) before and after tone-reversal (negative back to positive image). Remind you of anything? Like those supposedly “unique”  and … Continue reading

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Mr. Barrie Schwortz, President of STERA Inc: please stop proselytizing narrative-driven so-called science.

Apologies to early birds: I shall be composing this posting in real time.  Yes I know I should be assembling in draft mode, and only hit the Send button when complete and polished. But I’m more a comments than posting … Continue reading

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A compression scorch from a hot template ought theoretically to leave a tell-tale signature on linen…

This is a quickie post today, since I have some chores to attend to. It’s a development of some ideas that have been forming since posting Part 3 of my response to Thibault Heimburger’s critique of the scorch hypothesis. There … Continue reading

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A leisurely, thinking-aloud appraisal of those recently-released Shroud photomicrographs.

Well, I don’t know about your, dear reader, but I for one had never previously seen those superb photomicrographs of Shroud image areas. I refer to the four that appeared in the second half of the (pdf)  paper of French … Continue reading

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An open letter to the President of the Royal Society. Would you and your Fellows be willing to assist in separating the science from the pseudoscience?

Draft letter to Sir Paul Nurse PRS This posting has now been updated.  Read by all means, but then check out  the new one here, March 2013: From wiki: “… ( Sir Paul) Nurse believes that scientists should speak out … Continue reading

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Charring, fluorescence and image-forming mechanisms. Beware Shroudology’s junk science and flawed logic…

Here’s what photographer- turned- self-styled scientist Barrie Schwortz, President of STERA (the so-called Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association  Inc) wrote back in February this year in attempting to dismiss my scorch mechanism:  “Every documented scorch on the Shroud … Continue reading

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The more you have, the more you hoard … (Barrie’s Song)

I’ve just spotted this item (the first of the three shown) on the BBC’s website: Maybe that top one could be set to music and called “Barrie’s Song”. Lyric: “The more you have, the more you hoard, the  more you … Continue reading

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