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Here’s my simple no-nonsense explanation for the Turin Shroud. Think roasted whole-body medieval FLOUR IMPRINT.

Late insertion (Dec 20, 2020) It’s now 6 months to the day since I added this Final Posting (last of some 370 over a 9 year period). Well well. There’s been total silence – or nearly so – from the … Continue reading

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The Turin so-called Shroud ought NOT be seen as a burial shroud. Best interpreted as a simple body-cloaking sheet of fine linen used to depict via body-contact imprinting Joseph of Arimathea’s hastily-arranged form of dignified transport from cross to tomb. (See Topics 2 and 6 especially).

  2015 preamble:  Hello dear site visitor. Welcome to the site. You have chosen to check out a 2015 posting. 2015 was my breakthrough year. Up till then I’d been wedded to direct scorching of hot metal template (whether fully … Continue reading

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The Lord of Lirey, Geoffroi de Charny, was NOT trying foist the final burial shroud onto gullible pilgrims. The body-imprinted fine linen was intended merely to be seen as Joseph of Arimathea’s separate pre-interment aid to discreet and dignified TRANSPORT, whether genuine or otherwise. (Ring any bells? Imprinted body image? Veil of Veronica?)

  Postscript (correction: ‘prescript‘) added July 2019: You have arrived at a 2014 posting. That was the year in which this investigator finally abandoned the notion of the body image being made by direct scorch off a heated metal template … Continue reading


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