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Why is the Shroud image so superficial, half-tone and striated? Is it on raised ribs of primary cell wall hemicellulose?

I posted this comment earlier today to an older  (September 1) thread on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site which appeared under the title: Paper Chase: An Alternate Hypothesis for the Image Color. It begins by quoting Porter (bold italics) who in turn … Continue reading

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The Thoughts of Paolo Di Lazzaro – still more Mickey Mouse science

Response to Paolo Di Lazzaro’s theorising (unfinished business from February) under the title:  “Colin Berry’s idea is untenable, and heat cannot produce a superficial coloration”. PDL:  “Let’s approach the basic elementary physics that explain why the idea of Berry is … Continue reading

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Charring, fluorescence and image-forming mechanisms. Beware Shroudology’s junk science and flawed logic…

Here’s what photographer- turned- self-styled scientist Barrie Schwortz, President of STERA (the so-called Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association  Inc) wrote back in February this year in attempting to dismiss my scorch mechanism:  “Every documented scorch on the Shroud … Continue reading

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If the Turin Shroud is just a heat scorch, then why does it not fluoresce under uv light? (The late Ray Rogers provides a possible answer).

Yup, each time I suggest that the Shroud of Turin is a heat scorch on linen, I get the same quickfire response from one or other Godfather of Shroudology.  Paraphrased: “Nope, you are entirely mistaken, you upstart you. We looked … Continue reading

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The Shroud of Turin – let’s focus on that hemicellulose coating on the linen fibres … It could explain a great deal

Yes, hemicellulose is, I now believe, the answer. Each fibre in the yarn, or which there are reckoned to be some 200 per thread, comprises a core of physically and chemically resistant cellulose microfibrils, and the entire assembly is then … Continue reading

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Hello, all you Shroud sceptics out there

The author – September 2016   This new blog is a spin-off from the author’s ‘science buzz’ site,  and is dedicated to exploding the myth that the Shroud of Turin defies explanation by modern science. It does not. The Shroud  … Continue reading

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