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What happened to make Geoffroy de Charny’s humble chapel the first undisputed mid-14th century home of the Turin Shroud? A second ransom demand?

WHY DID GEOFFROY DE CHARNY CHANGE HIS MIND? DOROTHY CRISPINO Crusaders, Templars, knights and knaves have been stalked by sleuths intent on identifying the man who carried the Holy Shroud away from Constantinople in 1204 and—presumably but not necessarily—took it … Continue reading

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Is the Shroud of Turin really just 18 years short of its 2000th birthday? SEE THIS BLOG FOR A DAILY ACERBIC OVERVIEW OF CURRENT WRANGLING ( currently 2015, Week 32)

The aim is a maximum of 15 entries per week, generally 2 per day. The primary source will be mainly the current postings and discussion on Dan Porter’s shroudstory site (a reversal of the previous oh-so genteel predator-prey relationship,  ho … Continue reading

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A revised flow-chart model for why the Turin Shroud was first documented in 14th century France.

Note the extra box on the right, and red links to the flow chart described previously. In other words, this is a refinement of an existing model proposed just two days ago. Does my new ‘St.Lawrence connection’ push that of … Continue reading

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A flow chart summary of the “hot Templar/hot template”model of the Shroud of Turin

There’s been some misunderstanding about what I have been proposing these last 2 years, in the course of some 200 postings. That’s partly my fault – the underlying ideas have developed organically, with few summaries en route.  End of self-flagellation: … Continue reading

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Short summary: why I too think the scorch image on the Turin Shroud represents Jacques de Molay (Templar Grand Master, barbecued Paris, 1314)

Here’s a comment  (#39) posted last night to Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site, prompted by the appearance of Italian historian Andrea Nicolotti,  author of at least two books on the TS, including one (sadly Italian language only) on the Shroud-Templar theories. … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 11 Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI – what is one to make of his devotion to the Shroud (despite that radiocarbon dating)?

Warning: this (and other postings of the era) were written in reverse chronological order. If wishing to follow the writer’s train of thought, I would advise scrolling down, and then reading back to the top, noting the updates and time … Continue reading

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