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Might those be flecks of congealed wheat gluten one sees on the Turin Shroud? Evidence for unique one-off white flour imprinting?

So what are those flecks (circled?). Read on for a possible answer, one that is TESTABLE, given (hopefully) cooperation from the Turin custodians and the Vatican. Late addition: here’s a ‘clean’ view of the lower half of the above field … Continue reading

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Might flour-power have been used create the enigmatic “Shroud” of Turin body image? A retired FMBRA flour scientist says …

  Back in January 2012 this investigator set out to model the Shroud of Turin body image, using known scientific principles. (He thinks he may have succeeded!) It was in response to the claim by Paolo Di Lazzaro and his … Continue reading

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Quickie response to Thibault Heimburger re that 1949 Lea and Hannan paper on the casein-glucose Maillard reaction.

Hello again Thibault. To avoid any misunderstanding re your latest comment on The Other Site, let me tell you how I came to link the 1949 Lea and Hannan Biochim.Biophys.Acta paper with the claim that the rate of the casein-glucose … Continue reading

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Response to Jos Verhulst: delving in the literature confirms my hunch that the Maillard browning reaction is EXQUISITELY sensitive to temperature – especially in the environmental range of interest to Shroudologists…

Here’s my immediate reaction to a generally supportive comment that appeared late yesterday from Jos Verhulst on the Other Site.  (ed: I placed a link there to alert him, but it is no longer showing.  Newsflash: In Despot Dan’s own … Continue reading

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STURP’s Raymond N. Rogers, top-notch (?) thermochemist, appeared to have abandoned thermodynamics completely when he argued for that implausible Maillard reaction

Time and again we see a trotting out on The Other Site of some highly questionable  thermochemistry that was first mooted by (none other than) STURP’s Raymond N.Rogers. (STURP for the uninitiated is/was the Shroud of Turin Research Project, mainly … Continue reading

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Sorry, Mr.Rogers (RIP), but you got it wrong about banding in the Shroud image ruling out linen modification

Quotation from Raymond Rogers’ 2004 (written one year before his demise): (Sorry, bad link: I’ve mislaid the correct one and will try to find it ASAP -since  I too need it). My italics: “Where darker bands of yarn intersect image … Continue reading

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