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“Let’s poke ’em with hokum…”

Which single word best sums up the pseudoscientific claims of Shroudologists? I’ve thought quite long and hard about that question. Today, inspiration finally struck, though it required a resort to a folksy style of English that is arguably more Stateside … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud: but for the pseudo science it would have been dismissed long ago as a medieval fake

This is the new title for my blog. The previous one (“Casting a critical eye at the Shroud of Turin”) was OK for starters, but with well over 100 postings covering a wide range of aspects – chemical, physiological,  image … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud: Spotlight on a particular ?-mark stain. Some call it blood; I call it CLACK…

I need a name for this, and other similar features on the Shroud that have prematurely (in my view) been labelled as “blood”, despite the everlasting strong red or red-brown colour. This particular stain is handy – reminding one there … Continue reading

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Shroud Scope 5: now for a more down-to-earth interpretation of those hands than the one supplied by those wacky Shroudologists.

Here’s a picture that currently adorns another site. Its file name is “thumb” so its provenance is clear. It is “a UV photo of the hands region on the Shroud …  taken in 1978 by Vern Miller of STURP” It’s … Continue reading

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