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Please excuse this pot-boiler of a posting …

Once again, this site has disappeared completely from Google rankings (under a “shroud of turin” search), and it happened, bizarrely,  “overnight”. One can only speculate as to reasons – which might be legitimate – albeit puzzling in the suddenness if … Continue reading


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How come my “simulated sweat imprint” hunch is nowhere to be found in Google’s top 150 search returns under ‘shroud of turin’ (unlike those eye-glazing announcements for “Shroud replica goes on display… ” etc etc )?

Site banner: see how a simulated sweat imprint (my wet hand pressed down onto dark fabric) responds magnificently to 3D-rendering computer software (ImageJ) before and after tone-reversal (negative back to positive image). Remind you of anything? Like those supposedly “unique”  … Continue reading

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