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Is agenda-driven ‘theophysics’ the real reason why John Jackson’s Shroud Center of Colorado is STILL pushing its ne’er- do- well radiation model?

It’s difficult to know where to start when addressing John Jackson’s ideas – some good, some downright quirky. One could do a lot worse than take a recent review from his Shroud Center of Colorado, penned by a pair of … Continue reading

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Why are the ‘radiationists’ still plugging their imaginary physics and chemistry?

Yes, radiation can cross from the body to the cloth. Outside of a physics laboratory,  in your modern mortuary or even a 1st century AD rock tomb, it would be thermal radiation (infrared light) that would be emitted from the … Continue reading

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Yes, there is clear evidence of tenting, Thibault, with all-or-nothing imaging (yet another nail in the coffin for radiation models)

Here is my reply to the second part of the comment placed yesterday by Thibault Heimburger on that Other Site– the one hosted by the enigmatic Dan Porter and which is giving me daily stick for pressing on with my … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud Man is not a photograph, but a negative THERMOGRAPH – and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise…

Stop Press: see my new Shroud site The composite pictures above (added 9th March) showing three operational steps,  and the  8 photographs below,  would seem to this retired science bod to leave little room for doubt that the Turin Shroud … Continue reading

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