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Here’s my simple no-nonsense explanation for the Turin Shroud. Think roasted whole-body medieval FLOUR IMPRINT.

Late insertion (Dec 20, 2020) It’s now 6 months to the day since I added this Final Posting (last of some 370 over a 9 year period). Well well. There’s been total silence – or nearly so – from the … Continue reading

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£100 prize on offer for best short Summary of the Shroud of Turin!

Yes, £100 prize on offer (from this blogsite owner)  for the best Summary of the Shroud of Turin. (No strings attached on my part). (See Entry 1 further down this posting, received April 20)! Hopefully there will be more to … Continue reading

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De-mystifying the allegedly authentic Shroud of Turin. (Here’s my current 10-point action plan, posted March 2020, some 8 years in the making)

It’s  now just 5 days short of 1 year since I posted my final Model 10, setting out the evidence from some 8 years of reading and practical experimentation, namely that the so-called “Shroud” of Turin was, in fact, an … Continue reading

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Sindonology’s 10 biggest mistakes …

Here,  dear reader,  is what this retired PhD scientist considers to be sindonology’s 10 biggest mistakes.  Assembling this list has taken some 7 years of investigation, reported  (uniquely?) to the internet as a real time LEARNING CURVE, here and elsewhere. … Continue reading

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Please excuse this pot-boiler of a posting …

Once again, this site has disappeared completely from Google rankings (under a “shroud of turin” search), and it happened, bizarrely,  “overnight”. One can only speculate as to reasons – which might be legitimate – albeit puzzling in the suddenness if … Continue reading

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What’s causing Air Sindonology to nosedive and crash? Vapour alone from an empty fuel tank? Or trying to fly on a heaven-sent source of mystery radiation?

  Let’s start with an analogy, shall we?  It’s  a famous plane crash that took place in Iceland, 1973, The wreckage remains to this day as a tourist attraction, still attracting speculation as to precise causes.. And here are a … Continue reading

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Can you spot the new entry on Dan Porter’s shroudstory site (despite the shutters coming down 3 years ago)?

  What you see  on the left is a screen grab of Dan Porter’s long-retired site, taken this morning. On the right is the same Home Page as it now looks. Notice any difference? Here’s a tiny clue:     … Continue reading

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Turin Shroud: think “medieval whole body powder imprint”. STOP PRESS: body image maybe not so superficially photograph-like as claimed!

Preamble (added last): this posting was written as 12 instalments, intending to focus on POWDER imprinting. Suddenly, with the 8th instalment, it transformed into something else  –  a realization that the supposed ultra-superficiality of the TS body image – pointing … Continue reading

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No, Mr. Barrie M. Schwortz. STURP did NOT “provide an example that future Shroud researchers can use to carefully plan their own work”. STURP showed how not to plan or execute objective, ISSUE- RELEVANT science-based research!

Prequel (added Nov 6, 2018):  Have just discovered that my targeted criticisms of the 1978 STURP initiative were voiced way back in May 2015 on my now long-in-the-tooth      science buzz site. (That site having been started in 2009, … Continue reading

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Here’s one good reason for thinking the Turin Shroud to be a medieval fake – namely that ‘cardboard cut-out look’, with frontal v dorsal views of body only – NO SIDES!

  Site banner (wet hand imprint, showing immediate response of both the negative and tone-reversed  ‘positive’  images to commercial 3D-rendering software):  see end of posting (also in red) Summary (this posting): the Turin Shroud is essentially a contact imprint off … Continue reading

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