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Mickey Mouse science now in the crosshairs.

Who can correctly guess the gist of my next posting, one that will be addressed primarily to MSM journalists? Here are some clues. 1.  The effect that centuries of wear and tear might have on ancient man-made images. 2. Mickey … Continue reading

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Yet more Mickey Mouse science (despite a Google top-ranking).

Carlo Goldoni (sadly RIP *) Google top-ranking paper (see note at end of this posting) The Shroud of Turin and the bilirubin blood stains International Conference on The Shroud of Turin: Perspective on a Multifaceted Enigma Sponsored by the Shroud … Continue reading

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The Thoughts of Paolo Di Lazzaro – still more Mickey Mouse science

Response to Paolo Di Lazzaro’s theorising (unfinished business from February) under the title:  “Colin Berry’s idea is untenable, and heat cannot produce a superficial coloration”. PDL:  “Let’s approach the basic elementary physics that explain why the idea of Berry is … Continue reading

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I’m glad you asked me that Paul (even if posted to The Other Site) …

 Comment from “Paul” on The Other Site: “…if an object can not be reproduced in over a 500 year period was it ever made… ?” First one has to ask about motivation: who might wish to reproduce the Shroud, and … Continue reading

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