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How a cunning 14th century visuo-semantic marketing ploy helped establish the ‘authenticity’ of the Shroud – and corrupted the French language into the bargain.

  visuo-semantics  (also given as visuosemantics) “The creation and addition of meaning through the semantic integration between text objects and the presentation of those text objects in visual relation, denoted both visuospatially and with relational symbols, with each other.” http://www.visuosemantics.com/Continue reading

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The ‘hot Templar/hot template’ hypothesis finally makes it into the mainstream media.

Yes, I bided my time yesterday, waiting for that wacky earthquake/neutron fantasy to appear somewhere with a decent comments facility. My patience was rewarded – the Independent duly obliging. This morning I placed another  comment on the thread, the first … Continue reading

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My hypothesized link between the Shroud of Turin and the Templar executions is reinforced – via the Lirey badge and its reverse-side diamond trellis.

Here’s the reverse side  (1) of the Lirey Pilgrim’s badge, the front side  (2) showing  a man (not obviously Christ-like)  in Turin Shroud configuration). Now look at this picture of the Templars being prepared for slow-roasting: Now look at this … Continue reading

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I spy (?) lifting/lowering ropes on the Lirey badge (which point to ROASTING, not CRUCIFIXION). Time to rethink the “Shroud of Turin”

And here’s the picture that caused me to change my mind, posted just a few hours ago on the previous blog, initially small format, and then enlarged (when what appeared initially to be “poking rods” by the torturers/executioners showed up … Continue reading

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Is the Lirey badge telling us that the man on the TS had been barbecued on a HORIZONTAL GRILL – like St.Lawrence?

Yesterday, I reminded readers of this blog about a curious feature of the Lirey badge, namely the lattice work design on the reverse side. It’s not a simple lattice either, the lattice elements alternating with unpatterned areas. I reminded folk … Continue reading

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