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What’s causing Air Sindonology to nosedive and crash? Vapour alone from an empty fuel tank? Or trying to fly on a heaven-sent source of mystery radiation?

  Let’s start with an analogy, shall we?  It’s  a famous plane crash that took place in Iceland, 1973, The wreckage remains to this day as a tourist attraction, still attracting speculation as to precise causes.. And here are a … Continue reading

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Simple physics says there are 7 ways of producing a scorch on linen

Prompted by some near-incomprehensible jargon in “stochastic” theory for Shroud image formation, I thought it might be a good idea to go back to first principles. One has to maintain one’s scientific compasss… Comments posted to Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site … Continue reading

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Those “unique” 3D properties of the Shroud seem to be proving more of a hindrance than a help to those keen to promote their New Age radiation physics.

My modus operandi  now is to send comments to a  Shroudie site that gets lots of visitors (mine does not) and then to post them here, usually after the event. I generally don’t post others’ comments – no disrespect intended … Continue reading

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Why is the Shroud image so superficial, half-tone and striated? Is it on raised ribs of primary cell wall hemicellulose?

I posted this comment earlier today to an older  (September 1) thread on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site which appeared under the title: Paper Chase: An Alternate Hypothesis for the Image Color. It begins by quoting Porter (bold italics) who in turn … Continue reading

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Building (sand) castles in the air – and maybe clay ones too…

Here’s a brief afterthought to yesterday’s posting. There  I suggested that a thin layer of  sand could have been used to give the Shroud image its fuzzy, ghost-like quality.  The sand was to act as a thermal buffer* between a … Continue reading

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Nul points, Dr.Thibault Heimburger. You have arrived at an over-hasty, ill-judged diagnosis… The patient is NOT dead…

I  shall start by being brutally frank regarding the attempt by Thibault Heimburger MD, a French physician, to dismiss the scorch hypothesis at one fell swoop. The thrust of his paper is that there is little or no correspondence between … Continue reading

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Did John Jackson really demolish scorching as a mechanism? Maybe someone could explain to me how (in simple terms)

This comment  has recently appeared on The Other Site: September 8, 2012 at 9:10 pm | #3 It is well known fact that Dr Jackson et al. confirmed way back in the early 80′s, that scourching a linen to conform … Continue reading

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