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One man’s jaundiced view of the aftermath of the ’88 radiocarbon dating.

The blame for this entire imbroglio rests fair and square with the Shroud’s custodians. One does NOT specify a particular day and hour for sample collection, and then say “OK, that’s it, lads and lasses, off you go off with … Continue reading

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Does the cotton contamination affect a much bigger area of the Turin Shroud than first thought (say 4.4 x 1.1m)?

Here’s a comment I posted half an hour ago to Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site: October 22, 2013 at 2:15 am | #44 Quote Cotton is now the fashionable marker for modern(ish) C-14 contamination, it would seem, but if I’m not … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 12: time now to write that long-overdue letter to the Royal Society…

Highlighted text (blue): “Sir Paul believes strongly that scientists have a duty to speak out about science in public life and challenge pseudoscience.” (I’m happy to accept  whatever the President of the Royal Society understands by the term “pseudoscience” and … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 11 Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI – what is one to make of his devotion to the Shroud (despite that radiocarbon dating)?

Warning: this (and other postings of the era) were written in reverse chronological order. If wishing to follow the writer’s train of thought, I would advise scrolling down, and then reading back to the top, noting the updates and time … Continue reading

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Draft document discovered in the paper-skip at my local recycling centre: “Ten killer arguments for opposing any re-run of the radiocarbon dating.”

Once a month I put all the junk mail into a bin liner and walk it to the recycling centre that is just a handy 1 and 3/4 miles away. (Well, we all have to do our bit for the … Continue reading

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How’s this for Mickey Mouse statistics from Stephen E.Jones BSc, Grad.Dip.Ed?

Verbatim quote taken from today’s offering  from Stephen E. Jones BSc, Grad.Dip.Ed on his Shroud of Turin Blogspot site.  “As can be seen, Arizona laboratory’s ages of the Shroud ranged from a low of 561 (591-30) years to a high … Continue reading

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If you take away the blood from the Man in the Shroud, what are you left with?

This is really a postscript to my previous post, a PS with an admittedly strident take- away message:  we MUST get that blood radiocarbon-dated. It’s that or having to endure a never-ending stream of pseudo-science,  epicentre the Vatican (Papal edict: … Continue reading

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