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Mickey Mouse science now in the crosshairs.

Who can correctly guess the gist of my next posting, one that will be addressed primarily to MSM journalists? Here are some clues. 1.  The effect that centuries of wear and tear might have on ancient man-made images. 2. Mickey … Continue reading

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How a cunning 14th century visuo-semantic marketing ploy helped establish the ‘authenticity’ of the Shroud – and corrupted the French language into the bargain.

  visuo-semantics  (also given as visuosemantics) “The creation and addition of meaning through the semantic integration between text objects and the presentation of those text objects in visual relation, denoted both visuospatially and with relational symbols, with each other.” http://www.visuosemantics.com/Continue reading

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Hugh Farey, aficionado of linen fibre pyrolysis, has some more scorches for our delectation…

Here’s an email I received this morning from Hugh Farey, a now frequent and welcome contributor to this otherwise semi-dormant blog: Hi Colin, A couple of days ago I completed a series of photos, at Thibault’s request, to illustrate my … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud: but for the pseudo science it would have been dismissed long ago as a medieval fake

This is the new title for my blog. The previous one (“Casting a critical eye at the Shroud of Turin”) was OK for starters, but with well over 100 postings covering a wide range of aspects – chemical, physiological,  image … Continue reading

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Are the Godfathers of Shroudology really so ignorant of elementary chemical principles?

I’m still trying to come to terms with that comment of Daniel R Porter’s, see my previous posting yesterday, viz: “I guess you can do that if you ignore or alter facts. However, the Drs. Jackson, Rogers, Di Lazzaro and … Continue reading

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Checklists – easy things to cut-and-paste – but is the inquisitor genuinely interested in one’s answers?

I generally ignore requests to answer lengthy checklists, unless I’m fairly certain that the enquirer is genuinely interested in the responses given, and not using them merely to impress and/or intimidate. The following checklist was served on me a couple … Continue reading

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My ranking of spurious and/or unsupported claims made by Shroudologists

As an anti-piracy measure I shall assemble this post at leisure, in several instalments, and postpone ranking as a league table until last: Now listed in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top) Latest update (#4) posted Saturday 7:10 … Continue reading

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