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A solution (at last!) to the Turin Shroud – based on my 5 years of continuous experimental research.

Here’s a new image-modelling result for starters, obtained this very morning:     It shows my own hand, sprinkled with an imprinting medium (plain white flour) from above. First, there was  addition of  two enveloping  circles of black adhesive tape … Continue reading

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STURP: Space-age Technology Unleashing Religious Propaganda!

Posting under construction. More to follow shortly – much more. Watch this space. Yup, this posting will be written in bite-size instalments, over days, probably weeks. ************************* Late insertion: when reading this oh-so-long-and-detailed exposition, please bear in mind the Three … Continue reading

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Brief message to Joel Achenbach, Washington Post, re your hijacked posting on pseudoscience and the Turin Shroud

Colin Berry 6:53 AM GMT Er, haven’t you fellas not got a chatroom you can go to?What’s the point of inserting a link to earlier (RELEVANT!) comments on the TS if all folk find when they get here is boarding … Continue reading

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Dear Royal Society. Time maybe to take a hard line on those who peddle Turin Shroud pseudoscience?

This is the Last Post (cue one mournful trumpet) on this site, although comments are still welcome, critical ones included (provided the criticism is not intended to be purely destructive, and is preferably constructive and non-abusive). If it’s a summary … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 12: time now to write that long-overdue letter to the Royal Society…

Highlighted text (blue): “Sir Paul believes strongly that scientists have a duty to speak out about science in public life and challenge pseudoscience.” (I’m happy to accept  whatever the President of the Royal Society understands by the term “pseudoscience” and … Continue reading

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“Let’s poke ’em with hokum…”

Which single word best sums up the pseudoscientific claims of Shroudologists? I’ve thought quite long and hard about that question. Today, inspiration finally struck, though it required a resort to a folksy style of English that is arguably more Stateside … Continue reading

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No Mr. Breault – the blood IS on the hair (because that’s where the artist intended it to be)

Here’s a comment  that has just appeared from Shroud road show promoter Russ Breault on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site as it is now called: December 6, 2012 at 9:32 am | #1 Thanks Dan, here is an example of what … Continue reading

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