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What’s Dan Porter up to these days (Christmas 2016, 1 year after finally closing his Shroud of Turin blog)?

Hello again folks. Here’s an email that I sent yesterday under the title “Anniversaries”  to Dan Porter, host of the high profile but now sadly lapsed shroudstory site.  What’s he been up to I wondered? Hello again Dan I’ve been racking my … Continue reading

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Does thermally-induced scorching of linen ALWAYS produce fluorescence under uv, rendering it invalid as a model for the Turin Shroud? Answer: most definitely NO.

This is the second instalment of a 3-part series that looks at uv-fluorescence of model scorch imprints and/or burn marks in general. See the posting immediately preceding this one for a brief introduction, stating the long-overdue need to re-evaluate a … Continue reading

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“This strange hybrid method, through which a literary genre convinces itself it is a science”

Preamble: here’s how I ended the posting immediately prior to this one, bemoaning STURP’s failure to devise a proper plan of campaign, (taking into account the pre-existing information, notably the unusual negative image) and proceeding without any attempt to create … Continue reading

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No, the Shroud of Turin was NOT used to wrap Jesus. It was a 14th century thought experiment. It was not used to wrap anyone.

Here’s a comment I have just placed on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site that updates my views on the Shroud of Turin: October 16, 2013 at 9:16 am | #10 Reply | Quote I perceive the Shroud of Turin is being … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 4. Mainly about the Lirey badge, the Cluny Museum, Pope Benedict XVI and the remarkable staying power of junk science…

# 21:00:  I used to have so much respect for research immunologist-now-turned school science teacher Kelly Kearse – especially his ability to explain complex issues, like the evidence for and against the TS blood being Type AB. Back in October … Continue reading

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No Mr. Breault – the blood IS on the hair (because that’s where the artist intended it to be)

Here’s a comment  that has just appeared from Shroud road show promoter Russ Breault on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site as it is now called: December 6, 2012 at 9:32 am | #1 Thanks Dan, here is an example of what … Continue reading

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Still more character assassination allowed, indeed fostered, on That Other Site …

Update Saturday 13th October: this has just appeared under the posting in question: “I agreed with a complaint by Colin Berry and have blue-penciled out some wording and replaced it with what I felt was appropriate. Apologies to Colin Berry … Continue reading

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