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The Shroud of Turin: probably not miraculous, just a simulated sweat imprint – a triumph of medieval joined-up thinking.

Modelling the Shroud image: from heated brass crucifix (left) to 3D-enhanced light/dark reversed scorch image (right). Not 100% there yet, but arguably making progress. The first recorded appearance of the TS was in the tiny French hamlet of Lirey, south … Continue reading

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A flow chart summary of the “hot Templar/hot template”model of the Shroud of Turin

There’s been some misunderstanding about what I have been proposing these last 2 years, in the course of some 200 postings. That’s partly my fault – the underlying ideas have developed organically, with few summaries en route.  End of self-flagellation: … Continue reading

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Was this how the Turin Shroud was made? Read on…

I had originally thought of giving this posting – a crystallization of some 2 years of thought, reading,  bear-pit fighting  and experimentation –  a longer more informative title, like “Was this how the TS was made – by contact scorching … Continue reading

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Short summary: why I too think the scorch image on the Turin Shroud represents Jacques de Molay (Templar Grand Master, barbecued Paris, 1314)

Here’s a comment  (#39) posted last night to Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site, prompted by the appearance of Italian historian Andrea Nicolotti,  author of at least two books on the TS, including one (sadly Italian language only) on the Shroud-Templar theories. … Continue reading

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Antibes market, Saturday 1st December 2012

Aujourd’hui je suis en France, la belle France, à Antibes pour être précis, dans la Vieille Ville, pour être même plus précis. Là il y a un marché le samedi. Regardez ce que je viens de trouver, fabriqué en laiton. … Continue reading

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A compression scorch from a hot template ought theoretically to leave a tell-tale signature on linen…

This is a quickie post today, since I have some chores to attend to. It’s a development of some ideas that have been forming since posting Part 3 of my response to Thibault Heimburger’s critique of the scorch hypothesis. There … Continue reading

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Thibault’s Principle: true for a stepped template, maybe – but not an artistic bas relief with rounded contours and gentler relief

  Try to avoid too many flat surfaces and  right angles when choosing a template for your Man in the Shroud 😉 Thibault’s Principle:  “No scorch produced by pressing a heated template onto linen can hope to match the subtlety … Continue reading

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