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Is the Shroud of Turin really just 18 years short of its 2000th birthday? SEE THIS BLOG FOR A DAILY ACERBIC OVERVIEW OF CURRENT WRANGLING (currently 2015, Week 33)

This posting rep0rts what this blogger/retired science bod considers to be significant progress in modelling the “Shroud” image, so as to reproduce more of its allegedly  ‘iconic’ and/or “unique” properties (negative image, superficiality,  3D properties, fuzzy border, possibly even some … Continue reading

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Those “unique” 3D properties of the Shroud seem to be proving more of a hindrance than a help to those keen to promote their New Age radiation physics.

My modus operandi  now is to send comments to a  Shroudie site that gets lots of visitors (mine does not) and then to post them here, usually after the event. I generally don’t post others’ comments – no disrespect intended … Continue reading

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Shroud Scope triumphs again

Those of you who have been following this series of posts using the magnificent Shroud Scope will probably have noticed that I have played around a little with brightness and contrast. My favourite multipurpose setting in MS Office Picture Manager … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud Man is not a photograph, but a negative THERMOGRAPH – and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise…

Stop Press: see my new Shroud site The composite pictures above (added 9th March) showing three operational steps,  and the  8 photographs below,  would seem to this retired science bod to leave little room for doubt that the Turin Shroud … Continue reading

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