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After 2 years, and over 200 postings, I think I’ve finally cracked it – the enigma of the Shroud of Turin.

First there was scorching off a heated statue or bas-relief template, to leave a negative imprint on linen (see site banner above for modelling thereof). (Apologies btw for the length of this posting, which will seem to go on, and … Continue reading

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The arrow of time – and entropy

Here is a schematic representation of the arrow of time – and with it entropy – operating at the thread level in the Shroud (see previous posting for  likely changes at the individual fibre level). OK – much simplified. It’s … Continue reading

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Beware: with each passing decade and century, the Shroud image sheds vital evidence as to its origins.

The three faces are a supposed time sequence – there seems little doubt that the Shroud image has been fading over the centuries. The second row of images underneath is part hypothesis, part common sense. It relates fading to the … Continue reading

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Beware the mirage of apparent reverse-side scorching produced by the ‘BROIL’ effect.

This is essentially a repeat of yesterday’s posting, using a scorch image (off a crucifix) instead of that red marker pen. I’ll let the pictures speak largely for themselves. BROIL = Back Radiation Of Incomplete Light. (OK, so filtered light, … Continue reading

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This title will not improve this blog’s Google ranking. But then, what will?

In fact, nothing in today’s posting will assist the Google algorithm in disseminating my content under various search terms attached to the end of (shroud turin). There will be no captions under images either. Why? Because this blog, despite its … Continue reading

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Why is the Shroud image so superficial? More on the ongoing battle between science and pseudoscience.

Let’s start with a quick botany lesson (apologies to those who already know what I’m about to say). On the right is a  3D model I’ve made of the typical young plant cell, before it has acquired a secondary cell … Continue reading

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Daniel R. Porter’s ‘Troll Central’ by any other name.

Appended below is  latest example of trolling on from one “Andy”, who like so many others on that site simply can’t let go. He came back today after lying low for a month, to renew his attack on me … Continue reading

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