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More original, cutting edge stuff from Hugh Farey appears in his latest BSTS Newsletter No.82 (December 2015)

Newsflash, added Thursday Jan 21, 2016 The latest edition of the  BSTS Newletter  No.82 has just appeared online, courtesy as usual of a dedicated page on Barrie M.Schwortz’s shroud.com site. There is much of interest there, especially original ‘hands on’ research by … Continue reading

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Shroud of Turin: performance characteristics of a simple uv lamp, chosen to check out claims that are dismissive of thermal imprinting mechanisms (Part 1 of 3).

  OK, so the 1981 STURP summary did not describe the enigmatic image of the Man on the Turin Shroud as a “scorch”. The term “scorch” appeared nowhere, and this investigator no longer uses that term anyway, for reasons that … Continue reading

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We need to know much more about the chemistry of linen pyrolysis before excluding the scorch hypothesis

Mike M February 9, 2014 at 6:17 pm | #44 Reply | Quote Highly unlikely that someone would go to such details in an artwork (statue or painting), let alone demonstrate it in reverse. Who would appreciate these features in … Continue reading

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10 reasons for thinking that the Shroud of Turin does NOT show a crucified man (more likely a barbecued Knight Templar)

Cautionary note:  this is a hurriedly-written post, a response to some who have totally misunderstood my scribblings these last two years, or (more probably) have not bothered to read them – probably relying instead on second-hand accounts. Being hastily written, … Continue reading

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Time maybe for a radical re-jigging of the scorch model – and of the alleged superficiality of the Shroud image too?

I’ve been exchanging emails with Hugh Farey recently. He’s been sending some impressive photographs of linen fibres,  before and after scorching. There’s currently the  beginnings of an exchange of views on the importance or otherwise of the primary cell wall … Continue reading

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A compression scorch from a hot template ought theoretically to leave a tell-tale signature on linen…

This is a quickie post today, since I have some chores to attend to. It’s a development of some ideas that have been forming since posting Part 3 of my response to Thibault Heimburger’s critique of the scorch hypothesis. There … Continue reading

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A leisurely, thinking-aloud appraisal of those recently-released Shroud photomicrographs.

Well, I don’t know about your, dear reader, but I for one had never previously seen those superb photomicrographs of Shroud image areas. I refer to the four that appeared in the second half of the (pdf)  paper of French … Continue reading

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