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Can you see those supposedly inimitable discontinuities and striations in Shroud image fibres?

Here’s screen grab from a pdf of the photomicrograph in  the splendid 2010 Fanti et al paper on the microscopic versus macroscopic aspects of the Shroud image. It’s Fig.7, the one that provides the visual evidence of those discontinuities and … Continue reading

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A compression scorch from a hot template ought theoretically to leave a tell-tale signature on linen…

This is a quickie post today, since I have some chores to attend to. It’s a development of some ideas that have been forming since posting Part 3 of my response to Thibault Heimburger’s critique of the scorch hypothesis. There … Continue reading

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A leisurely, thinking-aloud appraisal of those recently-released Shroud photomicrographs.

Well, I don’t know about your, dear reader, but I for one had never previously seen those superb photomicrographs of Shroud image areas. I refer to the four that appeared in the second half of the (pdf)  paper of French … Continue reading

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It’s still looking good for leech digesta (as the source of “blood” on the Shroud of Turin)

‘ Those who have been following my most recent  postings will know that I had a kind of eureka moment a couple of days ago. I refer to the idea that the blood on the Shroud was not applied as … Continue reading

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Why there is a pressing need for higher definition Shroud images to be placed in the public domain (Barrie Schwortz’s STERA please note).

Mario Latendresse’s Shroud Scope images are fine as far as they go. They retain high definition, aka high-resolution (HD and HR respectively)  up to to their top level of magnification. But they lose resolution and become pixellated if one tries … Continue reading

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