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News update: the ‘hot Templar/hot template’ hypothesis appears on a Telegraph discussion.

Here’s a section of the comments thread that has appeared beneath the Telegraph coverage of the earthquake/neutron fantasy, correction, I meant to say hypothesis. Souheil Bayoud • a day ago No scientist in the world will ever be able to … Continue reading

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The ‘hot Templar/hot template’ hypothesis finally makes it into the mainstream media.

Yes, I bided my time yesterday, waiting for that wacky earthquake/neutron fantasy to appear somewhere with a decent comments facility. My patience was rewarded – the Independent duly obliging. This morning I placed another  comment on the thread, the first … Continue reading

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A comprehensive new theory detailing a medieval origin for the Turin Shroud: a scorching onto linen – and human consciousness – of the last of the Knights Templar.

Update: see also the two recent postings on my other Shroud site, strawshredder.wordpress.com SUMMARY: Hypothesis: the scorch-like image on the Shroud of Turin, at least the initial Mark 1 version, was not of the crucified Jesus Christ, nor 1st century … Continue reading

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Was the Shroud of Turin intended as a visual double entendre – with an martyred Knight Templar serving as proxy for the crucified Christ?

The starting point for this hypothesis is that remarkable artefact known as the Lirey Badge, retrieved from the Seine in the 19th century. (Provisional link, light on detail, and inaccurate too . Why is information on this artefact not easily … Continue reading

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