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End-of-year brain-teaser for Shroudies: I challenge you to explain this apparent contradiction…

Hello everyone. I trust you all enjoyed the festivities so far as much as I did.  However, a surfeit of mince pies and much else besides has left this blogger in a near-vegetative state. Consequently I shall try to  keep … Continue reading

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One picture can be worth a thousand words …

There’s some confusion right now about which side of the Man in the Shroud  – left or right – has the spear “wound”. The explanation from ‘DaveB of Wellington, NZ’  on the site is I believe correct, if somewhat … Continue reading

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Guest posting from Hugh Farey (yipee – another science bod!): here’s a snapshot of his current studies of scorching and uv fluorescence.

One does not have to be acquainted with  “Shroudology” for very long to pick up the received ‘doctrines’ (I hesitate to call it received wisdom).  Prominent among those doctrines is the mantra that the Shroud image can’t possibly be a … Continue reading

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“Let’s poke ’em with hokum…”

Which single word best sums up the pseudoscientific claims of Shroudologists? I’ve thought quite long and hard about that question. Today, inspiration finally struck, though it required a resort to a folksy style of English that is arguably more Stateside … Continue reading

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No Mr. Breault – the blood IS on the hair (because that’s where the artist intended it to be)

Here’s a comment  that has just appeared from Shroud road show promoter Russ Breault on Dan Porter’s site as it is now called: December 6, 2012 at 9:32 am | #1 Thanks Dan, here is an example of what … Continue reading

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Antibes market, Saturday 1st December 2012

Aujourd’hui je suis en France, la belle France, à Antibes pour être précis, dans la Vieille Ville, pour être même plus précis. Là il y a un marché le samedi. Regardez ce que je viens de trouver, fabriqué en laiton. … Continue reading

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