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Hello again all you journalists and other media folk. This photograph provides a complete chemical explanation for the Turin Shroud imprinted body image! (Think white flour imprinting of a body onto wet linen, think applied heat, think bread crust image!).

  Brace yourselves, all you deniers of the radiocarbon dating, all you proponents of supernatural photography via “resurrectional incandescence”. Main finding: both the bread roll on the left AND the heat-treated flour imprint from the plastic toy have turned pristine … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 9. Is it real human blood on the Shroud? A reply to Richard Savage, aka Jabba.

# 23:45: Here’s another quote from TOS (yesterday, re the ‘blood first’ dogma): “I don’t think any high definition picture could distinguish definitely blood from image. In the meantime, does Colin see image under serum ?” Here’s my response – … Continue reading

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No, dear Yannick, Adler and Heller did not PROVE it was real blood on the Shroud of Turin – even if some real blood is now present.

Reminder: blood is more than a physiological fluid. Biologists regards blood as a TISSUE. Tissues are complex entities, at any level – chemical, biochemical, physiological, immunological… Ageing and chemical/microbiological degradation adds another order of complexity – and uncertainty, not helped … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud: Spotlight on a particular ?-mark stain. Some call it blood; I call it CLACK…

I need a name for this, and other similar features on the Shroud that have prematurely (in my view) been labelled as “blood”, despite the everlasting strong red or red-brown colour. This particular stain is handy – reminding one there … Continue reading

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It’s clever, some might say pretty, but is it science?

Updated 21st April with an “annotated” version in which I imagine myself to be Alan D Adler explaining his ideas in simpler terms, as if to someone on a web forum, while still trying to stay as close to his … Continue reading

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