Colin Berry Firth of Clyde August 2017

C’est moi ((Colin Berry), Firth of Clyde, 2017


Have somehow  managed to overlooked this  somewhat inconspicuous “About” tab since starting  up the site in Feb 2012!  Will try to rectify that omission  sometime in the next few days with a brief, indeed minimalist biographical snapshot!  Why? Cos’ it’s not about me; it’s about that allegedly supernatural Linen! I say it’s a whole body imprint of a naked male, fabricated in the mid 14th century as a rival to the then-fabled Veil of Veronica, made to look as if it had been Joseph of Arimathea’s transport linen, deployed in stretcher mode between cross and tomb, the bodily negative sweat imprint (+blood) seemingly yellowed with centuries of age…

Colin Berry (PhD), retired biomedical scientist, Herts, UK

Aug 17, 2019

PS: for thems as is interested I did a (defensive) posting on my lifetime research credentials way back in Nov 2013.  Dan Porter picked it up on his shroudstory site:


My two other websites:

Dreams and Daemons (mainly 2006-2007)

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6 Responses to About

  1. Kevin p stone says:


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  2. H.E says:

    Hi Collin, not sure if you answered this before… but why don’t we see many more instances of images on shrouds, cloths, etc…?

  3. Colin Berry says:

    It took me a while to track down where on my site your comment appeared, having only an email notification to go on initially. OK, so it’s under the “About” tab – I wasn’t aware it invited comments, thus the discovery that there’s an unanswered one from back in 2014!

    There’s no simple, self-evident answer to your question, which rephrased might be “Why is the Turin Shroud a ‘one-off’?”. But there’s a hint of an answer to be found if you go into the history of the Lirey chapel pre-1355 (first display of the Shroud). It was set up to begin with by a gift of land from Geoffroy de Charny’s comrade-in-arms, heir to the King of France, who, on becoming KIng himself, showered honours on his loyal but cash-strapped lieutenant, prompted in no small part by their sharing high-minded knightly ideals and a strong sense of religious piety.

    To cut a long story short, I believe the Shroud was initially created as a sure-fire attraction for ailment-afflicted and indulgence-seeking pilgrims, initially billed as a ‘realistic icon’ to represent Joseph of Arimathea’s linen. But when Geoffrey was killed at the Battle of Poitiers, his widow saw the potential in immediately upgrading an icon to “genuine relic”. The local bishop of Troyes. Henri de Poitiers, having initially approved the “icon” description, was quickly on the case. Banning the display for some 30 years allowed knowledge of its real provenance to gradually fade from public view, even assuming that the technology was ever known outside of the tight circle of 5 or 6 clerics appointed as ‘stewards’ (and in all probability covert part time icon-manufacturers) to Geoffroy’s VERY private chapel, well off the beaten track until acquiring its star attraction.

    Later stewards of the celebrated “Shroud” ( widow Jeanne de Vergy’s descendants and later still, under post-sale House of Savoy ownership) had a strong incentive to keep the innovative image-making technology under wraps, again assuming they were ever privy to the details.

  4. Matt says:

    Good day Colin, I’ve been reading your blog and you’ve revealed things to me I never knew about the shroud given all the hype thats out there. Just wanted your opinion on something. What do you make of the “second face” on the reverse side claim. I’ve heard even some pro-shroud people deny it. Do you have a post about it? Thanks.

  5. Colin Berry says:

    Hello Matt

    Any chance you could copy-and-paste your comment to the end of a posting,e.g. current, in addition to “About” (which does not get to be seen except by the few who click on that tab)?

    I’ll be back later with a tentative response to your question, hopefully visible as a ‘Recent Comment”. In the meantime, have you seen the entry that Mario Latendresse added to the Home Page of his site on September 20, 2016 (scroll down a bit) together with two useful images?


    I would take issue with his claim that there’s NO image visible on the opposite side of the linen. The hair especially is faintly visible in Fig.2:

    • Matt says:

      Something you could reply to in my copied comment on your post:

      But, is the second face something that’s inexplicable by a scorch or bas relief? Or inexplicable by science?

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