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Comment promoted: what are we to make of the second face on the reverse side of the Turin Shroud?

Site banner: see how a simulated sweat imprint (my wet hand pressed down onto dark fabric) responds magnificently to 3D-rendering computer software (ImageJ) before and after tone-reversal (negative back to positive image). Remind you of anything? Like those supposedly “unique”  and … Continue reading

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Was the Shroud image imprinted from a medieval life-size version of a crucifix?

Here’s a photograph from my kitchen laboratory, just a day ago,  added to the end of the last posting: Through responding to questions on Dan Porter’s site, some ideas expressed long ago about the possible provenance of the Shroud image … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 7 Shroud Mk 1 – somebody’s private joke (in appallingly bad taste)?

# 19:00 : Here we go  then (final instalment for today), proposing how the Mark 1 Shroud came into being: This is a first  draft, hastily written.  I reserve the right to edit later, but will use the strike-out facility … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 4. Mainly about the Lirey badge, the Cluny Museum, Pope Benedict XVI and the remarkable staying power of junk science…

# 21:00:  I used to have so much respect for research immunologist-now-turned school science teacher Kelly Kearse – especially his ability to explain complex issues, like the evidence for and against the TS blood being Type AB. Back in October … Continue reading

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Why there is a pressing need for higher definition Shroud images to be placed in the public domain (Barrie Schwortz’s STERA please note).

Mario Latendresse’s Shroud Scope images are fine as far as they go. They retain high definition, aka high-resolution (HD and HR respectively)  up to to their top level of magnification. But they lose resolution and become pixellated if one tries … Continue reading

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If you take away the blood from the Man in the Shroud, what are you left with?

This is really a postscript to my previous post, a PS with an admittedly strident take- away message:  we MUST get that blood radiocarbon-dated. It’s that or having to endure a never-ending stream of pseudo-science,  epicentre the Vatican (Papal edict: … Continue reading

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Shroud Scope 6: is that transverse stitching across the dorsal view – or just an artefact of imaging?

Here’s an image of the dorsal view, at the level of those heavy bloodstains under the small of the back. Is that stitching I see? (Click on the picture to enlarge, then look at the fish-shaped stain just right of … Continue reading

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