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More original, cutting edge stuff from Hugh Farey appears in his latest BSTS Newsletter No.82 (December 2015)

Newsflash, added Thursday Jan 21, 2016 The latest edition of the  BSTS Newletter  No.82 has just appeared online, courtesy as usual of a dedicated page on Barrie M.Schwortz’s shroud.com site. There is much of interest there, especially original ‘hands on’ research by … Continue reading

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What happened to make Geoffroy de Charny’s humble chapel the first undisputed mid-14th century home of the Turin Shroud? A second ransom demand?

WHY DID GEOFFROY DE CHARNY CHANGE HIS MIND? DOROTHY CRISPINO Crusaders, Templars, knights and knaves have been stalked by sleuths intent on identifying the man who carried the Holy Shroud away from Constantinople in 1204 and—presumably but not necessarily—took it … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 2. Chief topic: the Lirey badge, the chain and the so-called “blood belt”

 20:58: Here’s an attempt to line up frontal v dorsal images without the sky falling on one’s head, with or without a cyber-Valkyrie from the far west seeking out her next victim for despatch to the Nether -World naughty-step. Nope, on … Continue reading

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Hugh Farey, aficionado of linen fibre pyrolysis, has some more scorches for our delectation…

Here’s an email I received this morning from Hugh Farey, a now frequent and welcome contributor to this otherwise semi-dormant blog: Hi Colin, A couple of days ago I completed a series of photos, at Thibault’s request, to illustrate my … Continue reading

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Time maybe to re-think the received wisdom about the entire Shroud image being “highly superficial”?

Stop press: this posting of mine, probably the last for a while, possibly the VERY LAST, unless or until the Shroudosphere sees a major significant new development,  has been described on The Other Site as a  “better posting, perhaps his … Continue reading

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Time maybe for a radical re-jigging of the scorch model – and of the alleged superficiality of the Shroud image too?

I’ve been exchanging emails with Hugh Farey recently. He’s been sending some impressive photographs of linen fibres,  before and after scorching. There’s currently the  beginnings of an exchange of views on the importance or otherwise of the primary cell wall … Continue reading

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Hugh Farey tells it the way it is – science is not about the absolute truth (whatever that is) …

Here’s a comment that Hugh left recently on The Other Site, one whose sentiments I fully endorse. “I don’t know where you got the idea that Science was the pursuit of truth. Only non-Scientists think that! Science is the gradual … Continue reading

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