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Raymond N. Rogers, RIP. STURP’s out-of-control chemist, deficient in a knowledge of plant cell anatomy.

See labels for location of primary and secondary plant cell walls – the first being the more superficial.   Here’s a comment I have just posted to Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site: October 19, 2013 at 6:32 am | #1 Reply … Continue reading

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Time maybe to re-think the received wisdom about the entire Shroud image being “highly superficial”?

Stop press: this posting of mine, probably the last for a while, possibly the VERY LAST, unless or until the Shroudosphere sees a major significant new development,  has been described on The Other Site as a  “better posting, perhaps his … Continue reading

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Raymond N Rogers: STURP supremo chemist (RIP) who sadly lost the plot (due to an apparent blind spot, it would seem, for those ultra-thin and highly superficial primary cell walls of flax and linen fibres).

The original introduction here, setting out my strategy for dealing for Ray Rogers’ formidable set of FAQs  has now been deleted as being  ‘past their sell-by-date’. It is now 16:40, Wednesday 9th Jan, all the major points of contention (and … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud: but for the pseudo science it would have been dismissed long ago as a medieval fake

This is the new title for my blog. The previous one (“Casting a critical eye at the Shroud of Turin”) was OK for starters, but with well over 100 postings covering a wide range of aspects – chemical, physiological,  image … Continue reading

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Are the Godfathers of Shroudology really so ignorant of elementary chemical principles?

I’m still trying to come to terms with that comment of Daniel R Porter’s, see my previous posting yesterday, viz: “I guess you can do that if you ignore or alter facts. However, the Drs. Jackson, Rogers, Di Lazzaro and … Continue reading

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STURP’s Raymond N. Rogers, top-notch (?) thermochemist, appeared to have abandoned thermodynamics completely when he argued for that implausible Maillard reaction

Time and again we see a trotting out on The Other Site of some highly questionable  thermochemistry that was first mooted by (none other than) STURP’s Raymond N.Rogers. (STURP for the uninitiated is/was the Shroud of Turin Research Project, mainly … Continue reading

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I think I now know why STURP chemist Raymond Rogers detected hydroxyproline in the blood on the Shroud – and it’s to do with those medicinal leeches…

Yup, I’ve been expressing bewilderment for months now as to why STURP’s Ray Rogers  (left) thought there was hydroxyproline in human blood. He cited the presence of hydroxyproline as crucial evidence  against the  Shroud blood ever having been heated, using … Continue reading

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