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Shroudie-Alert: Day 11 Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI – what is one to make of his devotion to the Shroud (despite that radiocarbon dating)?

Warning: this (and other postings of the era) were written in reverse chronological order. If wishing to follow the writer’s train of thought, I would advise scrolling down, and then reading back to the top, noting the updates and time … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 10. A new(ish) take on a very old amulet

22:15: I should have said “last comment relating to topics of my own choosing” (19:4o), but I still keep an eye on comments appearing elsewhere, and respond to them here if or when the spirit moves me. Here’s one from … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 9. Is it real human blood on the Shroud? A reply to Richard Savage, aka Jabba.

# 23:45: Here’s another quote from TOS (yesterday, re the ‘blood first’ dogma): “I don’t think any high definition picture could distinguish definitely blood from image. In the meantime, does Colin see image under serum ?” Here’s my response – … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 8. How was the Lirey Shroud able to morph from cruel in-joke to Holy Relic? Did the Lirey badge provide a handy smokescreen?

# 14:30  (Final comment for the day since I have a plane to catch). Did anyone guess what the Mark 3 overlay might be (see yesterday). Mark 1 was sand, to act purely as a thermal buffer, giving a fuzzier … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 7 Shroud Mk 1 – somebody’s private joke (in appallingly bad taste)?

# 19:00 : Here we go  then (final instalment for today), proposing how the Mark 1 Shroud came into being: This is a first  draft, hastily written.  I reserve the right to edit later, but will use the strike-out facility … Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 6

# 19:00 Here is the third and final posting from negative spin doctor Daniel R Porter addressing my Lirey Badge hypothesis from April last year.   This one is fairly innocuous.   But by this time, the damage had already been … Continue reading

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Shroudie-alert: Day 5 Time to go for broke (before Hugh Farey nips in ahead of me)

# 17:00:  This might be a good time to pause and reflect, to step back and view the larger picture. There are still many uncertainties about what the Lirey Badge designer was looking at when he started work, how he … Continue reading

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