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Boring post, boring topic (“Which is weft, which is warp?”)

As the title indicates, I find the nitpicking over weft v warp somewhat tedious. They are just words for the two sets of threads mutually at right angles, and even if I have confused the two – which I’m willing … Continue reading

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Links to my immediate three-part response to Thibault Heimburger’s critique of the scorch hypothesis

  Thibault’s critique (with an artistic touch or two…) My response in three separate instalments; Part 1    Link  Part 2    Link Part 3    Link  Given that’s quite a slug of information and argument/rebuttal there. I guess some kind of summary … Continue reading

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Yes, there is clear evidence of tenting, Thibault, with all-or-nothing imaging (yet another nail in the coffin for radiation models)

Here is my reply to the second part of the comment placed yesterday by Thibault Heimburger on that Other Site– the one hosted by the enigmatic Dan Porter and which is giving me daily stick for pressing on with my … Continue reading

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It’s still looking good for leech digesta (as the source of “blood” on the Shroud of Turin)

‘ Those who have been following my most recent  postings will know that I had a kind of eureka moment a couple of days ago. I refer to the idea that the blood on the Shroud was not applied as … Continue reading

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A holding reply to Thibault Heimburger MD re the longevity of blood stains on the Shroud of Turin

This is an instant response to a post that has appeared on The Other Site, in which I am taken to task for underestimating the ability of blood to resist biodegradation. Stone age tools  have been mentioned, with Thibault Heimburger … Continue reading

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Reply – in small considered instalments – to Thibault Heimburger re my “Sorry Mr.Rogers” posting

I’ve just received a long comment  (see below) on my “Sorry Mr.Rogers” posting from Dr. Heimburger (whom I shall now refer to more informally as Thibault) . It is not so much directed at the specifics of what I said … Continue reading

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