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The ‘hot Templar/hot template’ hypothesis finally makes it into the mainstream media.

Yes, I bided my time yesterday, waiting for that wacky earthquake/neutron fantasy to appear somewhere with a decent comments facility. My patience was rewarded – the Independent duly obliging. This morning I placed another  comment on the thread, the first … Continue reading

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My hypothesized link between the Shroud of Turin and the Templar executions is reinforced – via the Lirey badge and its reverse-side diamond trellis.

Here’s the reverse side  (1) of the Lirey Pilgrim’s badge, the front side  (2) showing  a man (not obviously Christ-like)  in Turin Shroud configuration). Now look at this picture of the Templars being prepared for slow-roasting: Now look at this … Continue reading

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A flow chart summary of the “hot Templar/hot template”model of the Shroud of Turin

There’s been some misunderstanding about what I have been proposing these last 2 years, in the course of some 200 postings. That’s partly my fault – the underlying ideas have developed organically, with few summaries en route.  End of self-flagellation: … Continue reading

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Change of direction

Firstly, I shall be wasting no more time on the shroudstory.com site. It is simply a mouthpiece (with some very mouthy contributors*) for the pro-authenticity, anti-radiocarbon dating agenda. Its host, Dan Porter,  is almost certainly a front man for a … Continue reading

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No, the Shroud of Turin was NOT used to wrap Jesus. It was a 14th century thought experiment. It was not used to wrap anyone.

Here’s a comment I have just placed on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site that updates my views on the Shroud of Turin: October 16, 2013 at 9:16 am | #10 Reply | Quote I perceive the Shroud of Turin is being … Continue reading

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A comprehensive new theory detailing a medieval origin for the Turin Shroud: a scorching onto linen – and human consciousness – of the last of the Knights Templar.

Update: see also the two recent postings on my other Shroud site, strawshredder.wordpress.com SUMMARY: Hypothesis: the scorch-like image on the Shroud of Turin, at least the initial Mark 1 version, was not of the crucified Jesus Christ, nor 1st century … Continue reading

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Comparison of Lirey Badge (Cluny medal) depicting the Shroud of Turin in the14th century with the 1865 Forgeais drawing – for open discussion

1. The crucial difference, apart from the face which I mentioned yesterday (with or without the Jesus-identifying long hair, beard and moustache, is that “chain”  (if indeed that is what it is) that spans the waist region. One the Badge … Continue reading

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