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The ‘hot Templar/hot template’ hypothesis finally makes it into the mainstream media.

Yes, I bided my time yesterday, waiting for that wacky earthquake/neutron fantasy to appear somewhere with a decent comments facility. My patience was rewarded – the Independent duly obliging. This morning I placed another  comment on the thread, the first … Continue reading

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My hypothesized link between the Shroud of Turin and the Templar executions is reinforced – via the Lirey badge and its reverse-side diamond trellis.

Here’s the reverse side  (1) of the Lirey Pilgrim’s badge, the front side  (2) showing  a man (not obviously Christ-like)  in Turin Shroud configuration). Now look at this picture of the Templars being prepared for slow-roasting: Now look at this … Continue reading

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Change of direction

Firstly, I shall be wasting no more time on the shroudstory.com site. It is simply a mouthpiece (with some very mouthy contributors*) for the pro-authenticity, anti-radiocarbon dating agenda. Its host, Dan Porter,  is almost certainly a front man for a … Continue reading

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Short summary: why I too think the scorch image on the Turin Shroud represents Jacques de Molay (Templar Grand Master, barbecued Paris, 1314)

Here’s a comment  (#39) posted last night to Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site, prompted by the appearance of Italian historian Andrea Nicolotti,  author of at least two books on the TS, including one (sadly Italian language only) on the Shroud-Templar theories. … Continue reading

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No, the Shroud of Turin was NOT used to wrap Jesus. It was a 14th century thought experiment. It was not used to wrap anyone.

Here’s a comment I have just placed on Dan Porter’s shroudstory.com site that updates my views on the Shroud of Turin: October 16, 2013 at 9:16 am | #10 Reply | Quote I perceive the Shroud of Turin is being … Continue reading

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Faking it Part 2 : The Turin Shroud – a medieval marketing coup based on cleverly-contrived ambiguity …

This is Part 2 of a post I made earlier: We have said how the body image was created. It may not have been intended to represent Christ in the first instance. Indeed, there are grounds for thinking that it … Continue reading

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Was the Shroud of Turin intended as a visual double entendre – with an martyred Knight Templar serving as proxy for the crucified Christ?

The starting point for this hypothesis is that remarkable artefact known as the Lirey Badge, retrieved from the Seine in the 19th century. (Provisional link, light on detail, and inaccurate too . Why is information on this artefact not easily … Continue reading

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