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Please excuse this pot-boiler of a posting …

Once again, this site has disappeared completely from Google rankings (under a “shroud of turin” search), and it happened, bizarrely,  “overnight”. One can only speculate as to reasons – which might be legitimate – albeit puzzling in the suddenness if … Continue reading

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A question for Stephen Jones re his so-called “wounds” on the Shroud (not to be confused with bloodstains)

Stephen Jones: your latest post focuses on “wounds” and bloodstains on the Shroud. (See also Dan Porter’s current posting which alerted me to it).  Nowhere do you define what you mean by “wound”,  yet you use the terms “wounds” and … Continue reading

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Let’s take a closer look at a subset of bloodstains that STURP says were imprinted before the body image… (Warning: this post is not for those who are convinced of the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin)…

(Skip to Approach below if you are familiar with Shroud controversy, and simply want to know what’s new in this posting that could justify its choice of title). We are told repeatedly that the bloodstains on the Shroud are underneath … Continue reading

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Shroudie Congresses – places where fantasies are peddled…

As promised on The Other Site, I shall no longer mince my words, This retired science bod grows ever more appalled by the pseudo-science being peddled to support the authenticity of the Shroud as the cloth that was used to … Continue reading

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Shroud Scope 8: 372 impossible scourge marks (surely?) on the Shroud of Turin

I have been been looking at the “scourge marks” on the Shroud of Turin with my new Shroud Scope toy, and comparing with the map provided by the 2010 paper of Faccini and Fanti. Some curious comments in that paper … Continue reading

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Shroud Scope 7: Why call it blood if one’s not sure it is blood? A sceptic’s dilemma

I am presently drafting my next post. Its focus is chiefly on the scourge marks on the Turin Shroud. But it’s not entirely certain as to what is imaged when references are made to those scourge marks. Some say they … Continue reading

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