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A new take in pictures on an old artefact – the (not really a) Shroud of Turin, more an imaginative 14th century marketing wheeze.

Update (added April 5 ,2015) : my thinking re the medieval technology needed to produce the Turin Shroud is changing by the day, as new experimental data are collected. See my main site, sciencebuzz, for the latest up to date … Continue reading

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The Shroud of Turin: probably not miraculous, just a simulated sweat imprint – a triumph of medieval joined-up thinking.

Modelling the Shroud image: from heated brass crucifix (left) to 3D-enhanced light/dark reversed scorch image (right). Not 100% there yet, but arguably making progress. The first recorded appearance of the TS was in the tiny French hamlet of Lirey, south … Continue reading

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Today’s project – to produce a new chronological flow chart, proposing how a scorch image was ingeniously re-invented as a whole body “sweat imprint” (to suggest kinship with the Veil of Veronica).

The new one starts at the top of my scrawl, with the martyrdom of St.Lawrence by slow roasting, and ends with the Lirey Shroud Mk 2 (produced from the Machy Mould).  Unfortunately, it will be too long to go on … Continue reading

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Was the Mark 1 TS image – a presumed heat scorch – relaunched at Lirey as a notional sweat imprint?

Summary (a late addition): Three or four otherwise peculiar facets of the TS story have been causally related and explained by supposing that the TS started as a thermal imprint , i.e. heat scorch, on linen,  probably of a roasted … Continue reading

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