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Raymond N Rogers: STURP supremo chemist (RIP) who sadly lost the plot (due to an apparent blind spot, it would seem, for those ultra-thin and highly superficial primary cell walls of flax and linen fibres).

The original introduction here, setting out my strategy for dealing for Ray Rogers’ formidable set of FAQs  has now been deleted as being  ‘past their sell-by-date’. It is now 16:40, Wednesday 9th Jan, all the major points of contention (and … Continue reading

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The Thoughts of Paolo Di Lazzaro – still more Mickey Mouse science

Response to Paolo Di Lazzaro’s theorising (unfinished business from February) under the title:  “Colin Berry’s idea is untenable, and heat cannot produce a superficial coloration”. PDL:  “Let’s approach the basic elementary physics that explain why the idea of Berry is … Continue reading

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Hello, all you Shroud sceptics out there

The author – September 2016   This new blog is a spin-off from the author’s ‘science buzz’ site,  and is dedicated to exploding the myth that the Shroud of Turin defies explanation by modern science. It does not. The Shroud  … Continue reading

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