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Here it is at last – a simple explanation for the Shroud of Turin – how and more importantly WHY it was made in the mid 14th century. Think simulated sweat imprint, seemingly yellowed with age, plus bloodstains in all the right places….

I concluded the previous posting with the following simple and blunt message (but have since decided it warrants a posting all to itself): The time for being restrained and polite is over. Why? I have just privately listed some 8 … Continue reading

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Was the Mark 1 TS image – a presumed heat scorch – relaunched at Lirey as a notional sweat imprint?

Summary (a late addition): Three or four otherwise peculiar facets of the TS story have been causally related and explained by supposing that the TS started as a thermal imprint , i.e. heat scorch, on linen,  probably of a roasted … Continue reading

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How a cunning 14th century visuo-semantic marketing ploy helped establish the ‘authenticity’ of the Shroud – and corrupted the French language into the bargain.

  visuo-semantics  (also given as visuosemantics) “The creation and addition of meaning through the semantic integration between text objects and the presentation of those text objects in visual relation, denoted both visuospatially and with relational symbols, with each other.” http://www.visuosemantics.com/Continue reading

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