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Am I the only one to have spotted that the Lirey Shroud was piggybacked on the Veil of Veronica – which may explain why the French still call it the Suaire (“sweat-impregnated facecloth”) de Turin”?

See previous posting, and the ongoing discussion it has generated with two French-speaking visitors to the site: 1.  The newcomer Robert ( un Belge de Geneve), who contributes to  the wiki (Fr) page on the Suaire d’Oviedo, alleged crucifixion-phase  face … Continue reading

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How a cunning 14th century visuo-semantic marketing ploy helped establish the ‘authenticity’ of the Shroud – and corrupted the French language into the bargain.

  visuo-semantics  (also given as visuosemantics) “The creation and addition of meaning through the semantic integration between text objects and the presentation of those text objects in visual relation, denoted both visuospatially and with relational symbols, with each other.” http://www.visuosemantics.com/Continue reading

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Shroudie-Alert: Day 11 Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI – what is one to make of his devotion to the Shroud (despite that radiocarbon dating)?

Warning: this (and other postings of the era) were written in reverse chronological order. If wishing to follow the writer’s train of thought, I would advise scrolling down, and then reading back to the top, noting the updates and time … Continue reading

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What are you – stupid or something? Of course there’s a perfect correspondence between the Shroud and that face cloth…

The following was inspired by reading the following offerings from the blogosphere: How good is the match-up between the Sudarium and the Shroud? My critique etc…. by Stephen E Jones BSc (Biol), Grad.Dip.Ed So one has two relics, both purporting … Continue reading

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