Have you seen the new Wikipaedia (UK) entry on ‘scorchophobia’? It’s a must for all Shroudies!

Wikipaedia bold globe margin 1 minus lettering

scorchophobiatext 1 3rd try

king with and without 3d cropped

Fig.1(left) : 3D-enhanced scorch (Image J) compared with same before enhancement (Fig.2, right). The scorchophobic sees essentially no difference between the two images.

king pos v neg cropped

Fig.3 (left) : A positive “as-is” scorch onto linen. Fig.4 (right): the same after light/dark reversal.

king 4 colours

Fig.5 – scorch. Figs. 6,7, 8: the same image, after adding colour to disguise their origins from thermal imprinting off a heated bas-relief template. These all look the same to a scorchophobic.

2nd passage text in Paint

Fourth passage of text

Fig.9 (far right) :faint scorch, highly superficial,at limit of visibility. Fig 10 (left) :metal template and first formed strong imprint, decreasing intensity left to right.

Fifth passage

Figs. 11 and 12 (combined): obverse side scorching visible on right hand side, but not left, where the template had lost heat in the course of serial imprinting.

Figs. 11 and 12 (combined): obverse side scorching visible on right hand side, but not left, where the template had lost heat in the course of serial imprinting.

Sixth passage

king faint scorch -29100-21 red fluorescence

How the typical scorchophobic imagines the typical scorch to look like under under ultraviolet light – producing a bright red fluorescence. (In fact, it is more likely to show a yellow-green fluorescence around the margins only).

Seventh passage

This scorchophobic Shroudologist believes she is deflecting cosmic rays onto linen (to model a highly superficial Shroud image).

This  Rome housewife has been warned repeatedly by her scorchophobe son  not to hold the iron at that angle .  “Mama Mia! How many times do I have to say this?  You are scorching my shirts –  by deflecting super-energetic cosmic rays from the far reaches of the Galaxy off a hot surface…”.




horse brass scorches before and after 3d enhancement

Fig 15 (left): a progression of scorch intensities with excessive contrast at the extreme left. Fig.16 right: after 3D enhancement.
The scorchophobe would say that ALL the scorches have excessive contrast, even the fainter ones, thus (allegedly) ruling out thermal imprinting from a hot template as the means by which the Shroud image was generated.

Apologies to Wikipedia (and for formatting and other errors too – the result of a decision to assemble entirely as “images in boxes”).


About Colin Berry

Retired science bod, previous research interests: phototherapy of neonatal jaundice, membrane influences on microsomal UDP-glucuronyltransferase, defective bilirubin and xenobiotic conjugation and hepatic excretion, dietary fibre and resistant starch.
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One Response to Have you seen the new Wikipaedia (UK) entry on ‘scorchophobia’? It’s a must for all Shroudies!

  1. colinsberry says:

    February 12, 2013 at 5:09 am | #2

    “Subject exhibits a fascinating pathology of obsessive fixation, possibly as a means of displacement behaviour in overcoming a fear of the mysterium tremendum, challenging his misplaced faith in agnostic rationalism, an occupational hazard resulting from over-exposure to various chemical processes, and manifested in surrounding the subject’s web-site with repetitive icons of the principal phobic object.”

    Yup, that’s the kind of crap that appears routinely on The Other Site, and why I no longer bother engaging with its regular clientele.

    In fact, I had decided a couple of weeks ago to replace the pink background with additional images that would complement the sequence in the banner. The latter shows the 3 steps that convert a thermal imprint, aka scorch, off a heated bas relief template into an enhanced 3D image. So why not demonstrate the same, but applied to the Shroud’s scorch-like sepia image?

    But when I uploaded the 3 images (sepia, blue, green) it was impossible to get them all to display left and right of the editorial content. Good ol’ WordPress came to the rescue with its tiling option, which our amateur psychiatrist has seized upon for composing his oh-so hilarious put-down. So I went back to my template, and thought what I could do by way of tweaking to give the tiling a more obvious raison d’être. I hope he likes the end result, which I dedicate to him personally.

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