Here are my most-viewed postings to date (Aug 2012) on the Shroud of Turin

WordPress has a splendid stats feature. Here’s a summary of my most-viewed postings (50 visits or more). Older ones will tend to have more visits (naturally), more recent ones fewer, so some of the more recent ones may be higher in say 3 months time and vice versa.

This list does not include postings to my two other sites, notably and www. both of which have a substantial number of postings on Shroud-related issues, the first especially.

The entries below are all ‘hot links’ needless to say. Enjoy – or grind your teeth in fury as the case may be…

Afterthought: but for Shroudie news aggregation sites, one in particular, there would be far more hits and perhaps responses, here on my own site to my own original content. It’s the copying-and-pasting of most of one’s work – sometimes within minutes of posting – that I object to most. Visitors to those other sites then feel, probably correctly, that they have been supplied with the gist, and then  feel no incentive to visit one’s site. This pirating of others’ content (let’s not mince our words – it IS pirating) then impacts unfavourably, disastrously even, on one’s ranking in search engines under general search labels like “shroud of turin” since the inter-site linking and CLICKS that one needs to register with the Google and other algorithms simply does not occur. I see Google has just announced that sites that facilitate the pirating of films, books, music etc will now find themselves de-ranked.  I sincerely hope the same will apply in due course to ALL sites whose standard MO is the pirating of  large chunks of others’ content – often graphics an’ all –  with what can only be described as indecent haste.

Colin Berry aka sciencebod   18 August 2012

Title Views
Home page / Archives 2,058
The Shroud of Turin – let’s focus on that hemicellulose coating on the linen fibres … It could explain a great deal 680
The Turin Shroud Man IS a scorchograph – and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise… 267
Blood-grouping the Shroud of Turin – like trying to sort apples from oranges in the dark wearing boxing gloves. 220
Did you know there is a high-definition image of the Turin Shroud (most of it still under wraps)? 185
Was the Shroud of Turin intended as a visual double entendre – with an martyred Knight Templar serving as proxy for the crucified Christ? 140
Shroud Scope 8: 372 impossible scourge marks (surely?) on the Shroud of Turin 139
A comprehensive new theory detailing a medieval origin for the Turin Shroud: a scorching onto linen – and human consciousness – of the last of the Knights Templar. 104
Modelling the image of the Turin Shroud – an interrupted experiment using onion epidermis – just one cell thick. 95
Comparison of Lirey Badge (Cluny medal) depicting the Shroud of Turin in the14th century with the 1865 Forgeais drawing – for open discussion 90
Charring, fluorescence and image-forming mechanisms. Beware Shroudology’s junk science and flawed logic… 88
Seven short and simple answers to the Shroud of Turin Enigma Challenge – and a plea for the reporting of real science… 87
It’s clever, some might say pretty, but is it science? 78
Hello, all you Shroud sceptics out there 75
A reply to Dan Porter and his Shroud of Turin associates re the significance of the Lirey Pilgrim’s Badge 75
I think I now know why STURP chemist Raymond Rogers detected hydroxyproline in the blood on the Shroud – and it’s to do with those medicinal leeches… 72
Shroud Scope 10: my very own gallery of 20 close-up views of the Shroud – all lightly photo-edited for optimised colour-differentiation 71
One very good reason why the Turin Shroud could not POSSIBLY have been produced by scorching onto linen – and 10 even better ones why it could. 68
Who says the Shroud is not a scorch mark – and more to the point, WHY? 60
STURP’s Raymond N. Rogers, top-notch (?) thermochemist, appeared to have abandoned thermodynamics completely when he argued for that implausible Maillard reaction 59
About 53
Shroudie Congresses – places where fantasies are peddled… 51
Yet more ‘Fanti-sy’ from Fanti, Faccini et al, this time on the spear so-called “wound”… 50

About Colin Berry

Retired science bod, previous research interests: phototherapy of neonatal jaundice, membrane influences on microsomal UDP-glucuronyltransferase, defective bilirubin and xenobiotic conjugation and hepatic excretion, dietary fibre and resistant starch.
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